Moment of Recollection - Percussion Quartet

Moment of Recollection - Percussion Quartet

  • Composer: Yamazawa, Hiroyuki
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 4:00
  • Genre: Chamber Ensemble
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ENMS-84436

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Reflecting back on the past, recognizing an emotion that no words can explain. The moment of recollection.
Then denial of emotion, and a sense of emptiness. I am exploring a wavering emotional state with this composition.
Wind up the music box in your heart and lift the cover to being forth your music.
Enjoy the sense of your changing emotions until you again close the cover of the music box.

The original title in Japanese is “Tsui-so no Setsu N”. (Tusi-so means Recollection; Setsuna means Moment; “N” stands for both positive and negative words in many languages such as “Now” and “New” for affirmative and “No” or “Nicht” for negative).
Since the commissioning group is Setsunan University, I have taken the university’s name “Setsunan” and created a coined word “Setsuna + N”. Therefore, there is no deep meaning in the title itself.

A five-octave marimba plus another marimba is required, but I have also included an extra part for marimba keyed up from F. If only smaller marimbas are accessible, you can play the five-octave marimba part an octave higher. Make adjustments to suit your ensemble situation.

As long as you stay true to the original intent of the music, feel free to change up the number of performers and instruments. Be creative and expressive reflecting the performance that is only possible with your ensemble.


1st Percussion
2nd Percussion
3rd Percussion
2~3 Music Boxes
Suspended Cymbal
Concert Bass Drum
China Cymbal
2 Congas
2 Low pitch Temple Blocks
Metal Pipe (or Small Triangle)
4th Percussion
Marching Bass Drum
Splash Cymbal
4 Tom-toms