I, My, Me, Mine!! (score)

I, My, Me, Mine!! (score)

  • Composer: Kano, Sohei
  • Grade: 2.5
  • Duration: 5:30
  • Genre: Dual Grade Series
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: COMS-85124A


Many school bands face issues with student numbers and mixed performance levels. This piece was written to address both.

Some parts are written with both A (Regular) and B (Beginner) on the same page.
A is Grade 2.5 and B is Grade 1.
You can divide A and B within the same section or you can assign different sections for A and B Parts.
For example, Clarinet 1st (B), Trumpet (A), and Snare (B).
B is a simplified version of A (an outline of A). Other than the clarinets, one to a part is acceptable.

It is recommended to assign parts according to performers’ level.
Also, switching between A and B in the music is acceptable. If the player is above Grade 1 level yet not quite 2.5, keep B as the primary line and use A where the player is capable. (This is why A and B Parts are on the same page)

For percussion, Snare Drum is the most important part. Other percussion parts can be assigned according the ensembles’ needs. If the players are skilled enough, taking multiple roles is permitted.

The title was inspired by the renowned shogi master Takeshi Fujii who is at the 9 Dan level. His shogi style is often referred to as “self-assertive” or somewhat “egoistic”. No matter what the situation is, I like to be self-assertive and put out a good vibe.
Although the music is written in Grade 1 and 2.5 levels, it retains my characteristic elements.
English education in Japan often starts in junior high school. First person noun is taught to the first year students who are fresh at everything junior high school offers, including playing in school band. From this idea there is a hidden agenda: I wish for beginner players to participate with more advanced players.

The composition is in ternary form (fast-slow-fast). However, depending on ensemble level and accessibility, excerpts are acceptable. There is some purposely written dissonance, but do not be afraid. It is okay to bring it out more than you might expect.

Just as shogi master Takashi Fujii created a new strategy for shogi called “Fujii System”, I would like to call this style of music “Kano System”. This name may change in the future as this compositional style becomes more famous and more imitated. It is my wish to see this all come true.
(Sohei Kano)


Flute (& Piccolo) (A)
Flute (B)

1st Clarinet in Bb (A)
1st Clarinet in Bb (B)
2nd Clarinet in Bb (A)
2nd Clarinet in Bb (B)

Alto Saxophone in Eb (A)
Alto Saxophone in Eb (B)
Tenor Saxophone in Bb

**Choose one of them
Bass Clarinet in in B?
Baritone Saxophone in E?

Trumpet in Bb (A)
Trumpet in Bb (B)

Horn in F (A)
Horn in F (B)

Trombone (A)
Trombone (B)

Euphonium (A)
Euphonium (B)

String Bass


Snare Drum (A)
Snare Drum (B)

Crash Cymbals
(Bass Drum)



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