Classic Cartoon Favorites (score)

Classic Cartoon Favorites (score)

  • Arrenger: Ehara, Daisuke
  • Grade: 2.5
  • Duration: 5:00
  • Genre: Dual Grade Series
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: COMS-85144A


Program Note

Classic Cartoon Favorites is a medley of Disney music. I composed it such that beginning and experienced players might perform familiar music together. It has "Heigh-Ho!" and "Someday My Prince Will Come" from Snow White, "Little April Shower" from Bambi, "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" from Three Little Pigs, and "The Nutcracker Suite, Op.71A" from Fantasia. While enjoying musical styles from ballad to spirited, it also presents various expressive elements and notation. It’s purposefully written to differentiate between melody and harmony, so players should be able to maintain tempi and feel the musical flow. Use the piece for every day basic training as well as concert performance.


The grade depends on each part.
(A): Gr.2.5 / (B): Gr.1 / Single Part: Gr.1.5

Flute (A)
Flute (B)
Oboe (opt.)
Bassoon (opt.)

Clarinet in Bb (A)
Clarinet in Bb (B)
Bass Clarinet

Alto Saxophone in Eb (A)
Alto Saxophone in Eb (B)
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb

Trumpet in Bb (A)
Trumpet in Bb (B)

Horn in F (A)
Horn in F (B)

Trombone (A)
Trombone (B)

String Bass (opt.)

Timpani (opt.)

[1st Percussion]
Snare Drum
Suspended Cymbal
Wind Chime

[2nd Percussion]
Bass Drum

[3rd Percussion](Opt.)
Crash Cymbals(or Suspended Cymbal)

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