The way can still be beautiful (Rental)

The way can still be beautiful (Rental)

  • Composer: Nagao, Jun
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 0.486111111
  • Genre: Rental Collection
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: YDON-A16

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Co-commissioned by Ensemble Liberte Wind Orchestra (Kawaguchi-City) and Ohmiya High School Wind Orchestra.

I was asked to write about “love” as the central theme of this piece. However, I was also asked to consider the many different forms of love such as those expressed in Les Misérables. So, instead of focusing on the story itself, I dwelled on the types of love presented in that account. Rather than the nature of romantic love, I decided to reflect upon familial love, friendship, and unconditional love. Though the sentiment of the work may lack tenderness and warmth (as intended when I began writing) and is somewhat edgy, it is not because I went off on a tangent, but rather is due to my personality, taste and interpretation.

Aside from that, the title of this work is from the 9th plate in Georges Rouault’s series Miserere. As Rouault’s masterpiece reveals Jesus’ unconditional love of mankind lighting up the pathway for those in the shadow of darkness, perhaps not every part of the composition but the basis of the piece is grounded in similar sentiment.

For those who feel this work lacks the “wow factor” needed for a contest piece, I have provided a contest optional ending. Please do not hesitate to try it.

1st Flute
2nd Flute

English Horn in F
1st Bassoon
2nd Bassoon
(doub. Contrabassoon)

Clarinet in Eb
1st Clarinet in Bb
2nd Clarinet in Bb
3rd Clarinet in Bb
Alto Clarinet in Eb
Bass Clarinet in Bb

1st Alto Saxophone in Eb
2nd Alto Saxophone in Eb
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb
1st & 2nd Horns in F
3rd & 4th Horns in F

1st Trumpet in Bb
2nd Trumpet in Bb
3rd Trumpet in Bb

1st Trombone
2nd Trombone
3rd Trombone

String Bass


1st Percussion
Suspended Cymbal
Sizzle Cymbal
Crash Cymbals
Snare Drumm

2nd Percussion
Bass Drum

3rd Percussion
Wind Chime

4th Percussion
Tubular Bells

5th Percussion
Tubular Bells