[CD] New Original Works Collections Vol.3 \"GOTHIC\"

[CD] New Original Works Collections Vol.3 "GOTHIC"

  • Genre: Japanese Composer/Arranger CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOCD-7182


The third edition of “Original Works Collections” series selects new wind works by outstanding Japanese composers.

Recently, many Japanese composers are being performed at the All Japan Band Competition and other concerts, and are highly regarded. Featured titles include “Alas de Hierro - Requiem for young soldiers scattered into the sky,” which reflects Amano's strong message that we should learn from history and should never repeat the tragedy again. His descriptive music captures the imagination of listeners.

We are proud of this high quality recording by the leading ensemble “Japan Ground Self Defense Force Central Band”.

All titles except "Dance Celebration" (COMS-85020) are available as rentals. Please contact us for details on rentals.

1. Dance Celebration / Tomohiro Tatebe 2:58
2. Path of the Waves / Itaru Sakai 7:15
3. Three Scenes Based on Japanese Tunes / Tetsunosuke Kushida 6:55
4. Alas de Hierro - Requiem for young soldiers scattered into the sky / Masamicz Amano 16:47
5. Song of the Straits / Shin'ya Takahashi 9:48
6. Into the Sparkling Moment / Toshio Mashima 7:08
7. Gothic for Wind Orchestra / Makiko Kinoshita 9:31