Tenkai Hisho - Clarinet Quartet

Tenkai Hisho - Clarinet Quartet

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4 Bb Clarinets

This is the sixth transcendental etude in the series. As each etude had a specific technical concept, this one is "expressing dynamics". Interpretation of written dynamics is crucial for artistic expression, hence the title "transcendental". The same dynamic marking can have different meanings regarding weight, timbre, and tone color, and having full command of dynamic expressiveness in each situation is artistry. Furthermore, the music depicts a "dragon" soaring like thunder and lightning in the sky. The music portrays images of a dragon's divine presence as reflected in many historical paintings. Imagine a dragon worshiped as divinity for centuries. In the city of Nagasaki, home of the clarinet ensemble "Albion Clarinet Vallier", there is a ceremonial dance called "Jaodori" (snake dance). This was another inspiration for this etude.

My hope is that the four clarinet sounds intertwine to depict the dragon ascending into heaven.
(Yuichi Abe)