Library of Hadrian - Brass Octet

Library of Hadrian - Brass Octet

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Printed set (Score & Parts)
3 Bb Trumpets
2 F Horns
Bass Trombone

Commissioned by Ensemble Wizard, basis its activities mainly in Chiba, Japan.

A few year ago when I visited Athens for research, I gained inspiration from many archaeological sites. "Library of Hadrian" for brass octet is the second composition in the series after "Agola" for woodwind quintet. The "Library of Hadrian" is a ruin of the library created by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 132 A.D. on the north side of the Acropolis of Athens. It is a popular tourist spot. As I was mesmerized by the scene and the atmosphere of the place, I sensed a mystical presence where a silent breeze carried the sound of music from the heavens.

The clear distinction of styles such as fanfares, intense sections, solo presentation, lively style, and choral-like scenes are important for the character of this composition. Interpretation of the solo part is up to the performer. Feel free to express however you wish. I look forward to hearing unique interpretations of this piece.

(Satoshi Yagisawa)