Hali ibada - Percussion Trio

Hali ibada - Percussion Trio

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[Percussion 1] Glockenspiel, Bongos, 2 Congas, Vibraphone
[Percussion 2] Vibraphone, Hi-hat Cymbal, 4 Tom-toms, Bongos, 2 Congas
[Percussion 3] Marimba, Marching Bass Drum, Floor Tom, Kick Bass Drum, 2 Congas, Suspended Cymbal

"Hali ibada" is a coined word depicting a day for an imaginary native group. The work begins with a beautiful dawn. Performers should envision the scenery of magnificent sights, rituals, festivals and so on. Be as expressive as possible while keeping ensemble balance in mind, especially with the keyboard percussion.

Special thanks to Yumi Terada, Yoko Saito, and Misa Makino for their amazing artistry and interpretation of the piece in an incredible recording.