Gershwin in Brass!!! 3 - Brass Sextet

Gershwin in Brass!!! 3 - Brass Sextet

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Prelude I from 3 Preludes, Embraceable You, My One and Only

Bb Trumpet
Bb Trumpet (doubling Bb Flugelhorn)
F Horn

This is my third brass ensemble medley of music by George Gershwin (1898-1937). He was called a "perfect musician", having laid a solid foundation for what is called “American music". The work contains the following three songs.

■ "Prelude Song I" from "Three Preludes". Introductory measures are ad libitum, then establish a stable tempo with the first melody. Play the many small melodic insertions without sounding rushed. The dynamic range is complete. Plan dynamics so as to achieve the climax at [E] while still serving the emotions of the music.

■ "Embraceable You"comes from the musical "Girl Crazy". The lyrics describe a sweet and endearing moment of embrace. Originally, male and female leads each sing one chorus, but in this arrangement, Flugelhorn responds at [G] to the trombone call at [F], and that feeling continues at [H]. Considering, and presenting this musical effect can create a romantic atmosphere. Offer boldness in the two bars from [I], and an embracing, soft sound from the third measure in contrast.

■ "My One and Only", is from“Funny Face". In jazz performance, the pattern of “tenuto + accent" means to shorten and stress the second note. That type of melody is more attractive with a brash and quick feel.

"Embraceable You" returns at [M]. This part, especially Trp. 1, requires stamina, but pace yourselves to allow for the climax at [N]. From [N], imagine Gershwin's orchestral sound. The last note should be played with much resonance to fill the hall naturally. .

This arrangement was commissioned by Kuki Senior High School Wind Orchestra, Saitama. It was premiered by the school brass quartet at the 2016 Saitama Ensemble Festa.

(Kenichi Kurokawa)