Repeating Crossbow for Percussion Trio

Repeating Crossbow for Percussion Trio

  • Composer: Kano, Sohei
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 6:30
  • Genre: Chamber Ensemble
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ENMS-84435

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Inspired by the power and vigorous force of the historical Chinese repeating crossbow “Chu-Ko-Nu”, and also influenced by light music and western major harmony.
Keyboard percussion instruments are by each performer’s choice. This will reflect greater individuality and uniqueness.
Trio roles include melody and harmony, drums and bass. The setting is similar to that of a jazz trio or a rock band with keyboard.
Enjoy this thrilling and exciting music created in asymmetrical meter.


[Keyboard Percussion]
*Keyboard Percussion (You can choose any mallets.)

[Multi Percussion]
Hi-hat Cymbal
Pedal Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Suspended Cymbal
2 Wood Blocks
Sleigh Bell