[DVD] Japan\'s Best for 2001 (English)

[DVD] Japan's Best for 2001 (English)

  • Genre: All Japan Band Competition DVD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOD-3001A


Select Performances at the All Japan Band Contest

A landmark product in recording technology documenting one of the foremost Wind Band events. Dramatic editing and superb sound production deliver stunning performances directly into your home or school. This DVD's historical significance is only surpassed by the remarkable quality of each band's "Gold-rated" performance.

AJBC Test Marches

Under the Flag of Glory (Naito) Yodogawa Tech. HS
Procession to Peace (Toda) Kanagawa Univ.
Over the Hill March (Hoshiya) Kawagoe Sowa W. E.
Running Steamtrain March (Wakasugi) Hamamatsu Sym. W.O.

Selected Contest Pieces

1. The Merry Widow Selections (Lehar/Suzuki) Tsuyamanishi Jr HS
2. Riverdance (Whelan/Strommen) Yoshie Jr HS
3. Salome's Dance (Strauss/Hindsley) Joso Gakuin HS
4. American Knights! (Melillo) Kashiwa HS
5. Feste Romane (Respighe/Isozaki) Tokai Daiyon HS
6. Procession Fantasy (Dan/Tokimatsu) Bridgestone S. B.
7. Emanacje i Medytacje (Amano) Akita Symphonic Band