[CD] New Original Works Collections Vol.2 \"Prayer\"

[CD] New Original Works Collections Vol.2 "Prayer"

  • Genre: Japanese Composer/Arranger CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOCD-7172


The second edition of “Original Works Collections” series selects new wind works by outstanding Japanese composers.

Conducted by Shigeru Sugawara, Akira Takeda

1. Od Ucisku do Emancypacji for Wind Orchestra / Masamicz Amano
2. Prayer - Her Thoughts at the Time Dubrovke Theater, Moscow - 2002.10.26 / Toshinari Iijima
3. Flying High for Wind Ensemble / Rika Ishige
4. March “Wind for Winds” / Shin’ya Takahashi
5. Wright Flyer for Wind Ensemble / Shin’ya Takahashi
6. From The Forest of Saariselka - Overture for Wind Ensemble / Hiroki Takahashi
7. A Centenary Celebration for Wind Ensemble / Hirokazu Fukushima
8. Three Crayon Pictures for Wind Ensemble / Yoshio Matsuo
9. Nazca Lines - The Universe Drawn on the Earth / Satoshi Yagisawa