[CD] Medium Grade Selection Vol.1 Green Hills Fantasy

[CD] Medium Grade Selection Vol.1
Green Hills Fantasy

  • Genre: Reference Recording CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOCD-7192


Green Hills Fantasy
Osaka Municipal Symphonic BandComposer/educator Yo Goto collects significant middle-level concert band literatureforfestivaland concert consideration. Expertly presented by one of Japan's premier professionalwind orchestras.

1.Flourish for A Celebration/Carl Strommen 2.37
2. Green Hills Fantasy/Thomas Doss 8.01
3.Dancing in Air/Yo Goto 5.57
4.When Spirits Soar/Brian Balmages 7.03
Rhenish Folk Festival/Albert Oliver Davis
5. I.O You Beautiful, Wonderful Rhine 1.15
6. II.The Lorelei 2.24
7. III. What Does the Grapevine Bring Us? 1.31
8. Shenandoah/Frank Ticheli 6.35
9.Norwegian Rondo/Philip Sparke 5.55
10.Encanto/Robert W. Smith 5.19
11.Three London Miniatures/Mark Camphouse
I. Westminster Hymn 4.22
II.For England's Rose 2.47
III. Kensington March 2.03
12.Bonus track: Dancing in Air/Yo Goto[Opt. Clar. Solo 0.53]