[CD] Band Classics Library 9 \"Atmosphere\"

[CD] Band Classics Library 9 "Atmosphere"

  • Genre: Reference Recording CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOCD-7430


Conducted by Yoshihiro Kimura

BCL 9 "Atmosphere" features 10 titles written by Japanese composers from 1962 to 1995, including some test pieces from the past All Japan Band Competition.
This is the first recording of the full version of "Atmosphere in Tokyo" for Symphonic Band by the late Goro Natori. Yasuhide Ito's "Variations from the Northern Sea" has a playful touch, ending with the famous Soran Bushi melody. Unique about the Japanese folk song suite "Warabe Uta" by Bin Kaneda is its novel architecture. The first movement is for brass ensemble, the second is for woodwind ensemble, and the third combines all players.

1. March Opus 1 / Kenjiro Urata
2. Felicitas / Susumu Aoki
3. Variations from the Northern Sea / Yasuhide Ito
4. Burlesque for Band / Hiroshi Oguri
5. Symphonic Poem Seascape for Band / Toshio Mashima
6. Ritual Fire / Tetsunosuke Kushida
7. Illusion / Masaharu Uzawa
Japanese Folk Song Suite Warabe Uta / Bin Kaneda
8. I. Where are you from?
9. II. Lullaby
10. III. An Ancient Priest in a Mountain Temple
11. Exercise for Band / Tohru Kobayashi
12. A Poem Atmosphere in Tokyo for Symphonic Band / Goro Natori