Zenith of the Maya (score)

Zenith of the Maya (score)

  • Composer: Yagisawa, Satoshi
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 19:00
  • Genre: Concert Band
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ZOMS-A060A


Yagisawa captures the Mayan civilization at its zenith through this larger than life original wind band work. Their highly advanced technology still amazes us today, including their discovery of an accurate calendar derived from detailed astronomical observations and the use of the “0” in sophisticated mathematics.

I. Royal Ceremony and Sacrifice of Renewal The first movement describes Mayan civilization at its zenith.

II. Glorious Ruins Still Arise The second movement characterizes this civilization from glory, to destruction, to the present with its buried ruins.



Flute 1 ,2& 3
Oboe 1 & 2
English Horn
Bassoon 1&2
Contra bassoon
Eb Clarinet
Bb Clarinet 1, 2 & 3
Alto Clarinet
Bass Clarinet 1&2
Contra-alto Clarinet
Contrabass Clarinet
Soprano Saxophone
Alto Saxophone 1 & 2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Trumpet 1, 2 & 3
Horn 1, 2, 3 & 4
Trombone 1, 2 & 3
Euphonium 1&2
Tuba 1&2
String Bass

Piano & Celesta
Cymbals/Finger Cymbal
Hi-Hat Cymbal/Suspended Cymbal
Triangle/Triangle (3)
Gong/Tom tom(5)
Wind Chime
Claves/Sleigh bells
Temple Blocks/Bongo&Conga
Snare Drum/Bass Drum

[European Parts] Download available

Eb Horn 1
Eb Horn 2
Eb Horn 3
Eb Horn 4
Bb Trombone 1 (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Trombone 2 (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Trombone 3 (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Euphonium  (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Tuba  (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Eb Tuba  (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)

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