[CD] Band Classics Library 7 \"Methuselah

[CD] Band Classics Library 7 "Methuselah

  • Genre: Reference Recording CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOCD-7468


Conducted by Yoshihiro Kimura

Hiroshima Wind Orchestra performs masterpieces of Japanese composers. This 7th CD Edition of Band Classics Library (BCL) series is dedicated to those who might not be familiar with band works which have earned hearty applause in Japan for many years.

Festal Scenes / Yasuhide Ito
Overture for Symphonic Band / Bin Kaneda
Rhapsody for Band / Hiroshi Ohguri
Invention No.1 for Band / Junichi Naitoh
Sunrise March / Saburo Iwakawa
Childhood Memories Fantasy / Gemba Fujita
Symphonic Fanfare and March / Masakuni Nakamoto
Nostalgia for Band / Jiro Mikami
Kobiki-Uta for Band / Kiyoshige Koyama-Theme -Bon-Odori -Asa no Uta-Finale
Methuselah II ~for Percussion Group and Wind Orchestra~ / Masaru Tanaka