[CD] Kyo-En IX [2 discs]

[CD] Kyo-En IX [2 discs]

  • Genre: Japanese Composer/Arranger CD
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: BOCD-7476


[2 CDs]

KYO-EN, a remarkable annual concert presenting unpublished and (first) premiere works by outstanding Japanese composers. Live performances of this year’s variety-filled collection are flawlessly recorded. Please enjoy this collaboration by great composers and musicians who bring wind music of the 21st century.

Disc 1

Infinito Fervore - Yuichi Abe
Fantasy on a Theme of Kagome Kagome - Masato Tsuyuki
Gesture of the Wind - Isamu Kanai
Large Cat Solace - Jun Nagao
Deux Belles Ailes - Toshio Mashima
March Paper Airplanes - Tomonari Hamura
Serenade for Wind Orchestra - Kazuhiro Morita

Disc 2

Symphonic Fragment - Satoshi Minami
Anotoki Suki ni Nattayo - Toshinari Iijima
On the March - Toshiharu Kataoka
Shinonome - Takashi Hoshide)
As the Sun Rises - Chang Su Koh
Blessed Promising Future - Yoshio Nakahashi
Lachrymae - Yo Goto
A Paean to the Clear Autumn Sky - Hiroshi Hoshina