Heroic Story

Heroic Story

  • Composer: Abe, Yuichi
  • Grade: 3
  • Duration: 6:30
  • Genre: Concert Band
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: ZOMS-A119S


Program Note

The intent of this composition is to portray the spirit of a mythical hero of all the ages, spoken of since time immemorial.

The form is A-B-A, fast-slow-fast. Various phrases throughout the piece capture and utilize the character of each tonal group, brass, woodwind and percussion.

The introductory trumpet fanfare is in the middle voice and not difficult. Brass ranges and intervals remain reasonable, and most woodwind passages are unison, with piccolo an octave above flute. Percussion is limited to standard instruments, and given rhythms reflect basic training concepts.

Starting with a solemn atmosphere, the first half is rather stately, the middle interlude is romantic with a sentimental melody unfolding, the last half sprints like a horse running through a meadow, and the piece resolves with the stately feel of the introduction.


Oboe (opt.)

1st Clarinet in Bb
2nd Clarinet in Bb
3rd Clarinet in Bb
Bass Clarinet in Bb

Alto Saxophone in Eb
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb

1st Trumpet in Bb
2nd Trumpet in Bb
3rd Trumpet in Bb

1st Horn in F
2nd Horn in F

1st Trombone
2nd Trombone
3rd Trombone (opt.)



[1st Percussion]
Crash Cymbals
Suspended Cymbal

[2nd Percussion]
Snare Drum / Wind Chimes

[3rd Percussion]
Bass Drum / Low Tom-tom
Xylophone / Chimes

[4th Percussion]
Bass Drum / Crash Cymbals
Suspended Cymbal / Triangle
Xylophone / Chimes

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