[DOWNLOAD] Prelude for Thawing - Clarinet Octet

[DOWNLOAD] Prelude for Thawing - Clarinet Octet

  • Composer: Iijima, Toshinari
  • Grade: 5
  • Duration: 5:30
  • Genre: Clarinet Octet
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: DL-ENMS-84098


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Prelude for Thawing was written for a concert of the Aomori State Clarinet Orchestra. Unlike a standard octet, it consists of double quartet. To perform, it’s most effective to place clarinets I. 1-3 on stage left, clarinets II. 1-3 on stage right, and the bass clarinets in the middle. Right and left positions can be swapped, however, the sound is more secure when bass clarinets are in the middle.

The theme of this song is the spring of the Northern provinces and the seasonal thaw. A brook from melting ice and spring sunshine appear as one walks at the foot of Hakkoda Mountain in Aomori. Flowers of skunk cabbage and Japanese butterbur scape bloom and show their faces amongst the melting snow and babbling brooks.

It’s challenging to synchronize each small note in the section, which represents streaming water with light reflected as if the water were dancing. As you perform, imagine the breath of spring after awaking from a long winter.


Group 1 - Left side: 3Bb Cl. / B.Cl.Group2 - Right side: Eb Cl. / 2Bb Cl. / B.Cl.