[DOWNLOAD] Instrumental Colors I - Flute Quartet

[DOWNLOAD] Instrumental Colors I - Flute Quartet


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I. Allegro II. Moderato III. Presto

4 Flutes

Commissioned by Pierre Rouge Premiered on September, 4, 2010 at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.
Instrumental Colors I Op.68 was commissioned by the flute quartet Pierre Rouge for its first solo concert. In its three movements I aimed for diversified sound colors and harmony since only one specific instrument type was performing.
I. Allegro
Reminiscent of my studies in Nice when I was 20. It progresses with non-metrical polyrhythms, and fragmentary elements (sustained legato lines) rise and disperse over an ostinato of precise subdivisions.
II. Moderato
The second movement is an homage to my master, renowned flautist and wonderful musician Alain Marion, who left us in 1998 at age 59. He enjoyed and loved his life and friends while teaching at Conservatoire de Paris.
III. Presto
Presto delivers cross-cultural influences between innovative music and the French/Latin music of the old days. It's nostalgic yet colorful. They merge together nicely.

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