[DOWNLOAD] Smiley Rag - Flexible 5 Parts & Percussion

[DOWNLOAD] Smiley Rag - Flexible 5 Parts & Percussion

  • Composer: Goto, Yo
  • Grade: 4
  • Duration: 3:00
  • Genre: Adaptable Band
  • Publisher: Brain Music
  • Item No: DL-FLMS-87106


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Download set (Score & Parts)
[Part 1] Flute Oboe Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Trumpet
[Part 2] Bb Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Trumpet, F Horn
[Part 3] Bb Clarinet, Bb Tenor Saxophone, F Horn
[Part 4] Bb Tenor Saxophone, Bassoon, Trombone, Euphonium
[Part 5] Bb Bass Clarinet, Eb Baritone Saxophone, Bassoon, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, String Bass
[Percussion] Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Hi-hat Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Wood Blocks
[Mallets] Xylophone & Marimba (or any Keyboards)

This is one of three songs commissioned for the 55th anniversary of the Ishikawa Prefectural Band Association.
1. March
2. Elegy
3. Pops

The content of each song was a request of the commission, as well as having a flexible organization that allows a small number of people to play combining various instruments.
Even for "pops style" music, special study and skills could be required.
Therefore, (3) "Smiley Rag" was composed as a simple, fun ragtime anyone can easily play.
The amount of percussion used in the other two songs was also intentionally limited, but here there are parts for wood block and splash cymbal supporting the xylophone and marimba solos.
In addition to the xylophone and marimba (or as an alternative) you can add other keyboard percussion instruments or just have xylophone solo alone.
Articulations such as accents, staccatos, and legatos are important points in making the most of the "ness" of the song.
By the way, I hope the character of your band will be featured for the "solo by an arbitrary instrument".
In addition, with respect to the 55th anniversary of the Ishikawa Prefectural Band Association, I inconspicuously quoted the motif for "Songs of Ishikawa citizens" from E to F.

(Yo Goto)