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  • Welcome to Brain Music International

    Welcome to Brain Music International, the leading source for Wind Band publications and recordings from Japan.
    Brain Music is a highly successful recording and publishing company founded in 1976 in Hiroshima, which for over 40 years has been at the forefront of wind band production in Japan. Brain specializes in providing unique and inspirational sheet music for concert bands and ensembles as well as producing CDs and DVDs for the domestic and international market, including an extensive array of fundamental band training DVDs and practical methods.

  • BrainBrain Music is honored to have eminent clientele such as the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, the Japan Self-Defense Force Bands, the Dallas Wind Symphony, the Lone Star Wind Orchestra, the United States Marine, Navy, Coast Guard and Army Field Bands, amongst many others.

  • About BRAVO

    With its American branch Bravo Music, Brain Music actively promotes international music exchange, sponsoring concert tours and educational outreaches throughout the world. In Japan, remarkable opportunities exist to share rehearsals, cultural exchanges, and experience many aspects of the country’s thriving and enthusiastic band scene.
    Through the gateway of Brain Music International, an exciting new world of original band works and transcriptions, delightful anime scores, ensembles, and many other resources are within easy reach of the concert band looking for a fresh, new perspective.